Fall 2016 IAB Meeting Recap

The October 2016 NCSS I/UCRC IAB meeting at the University of North Texas was a success! We had 59 people in attendance - 5 of whom were industry members and 11 of whom were industry/government visitors.  The Fall meeting included 14 presentations (twelve new proposals and two in-progress reports) and a "Wicked" Problem Industry Panel.  In an effort to work together as a center, a collaborative project involving UNT, UTD, and ASU was also presented.  The meeting was attended virtually by Dmitri Perkins, the I/UCRC CISE NSF Director, who gave a brief overview of the I/UCRC program.  Following the IAB meeting was a 2-hour interactive poster session which included almost 20 posters.  In addition, we had a jazz duo entertaining the crowd during the reception.

If you are a member and were unable to attend, you may find the proceedings, all presentations, and minutes for Day 2 here (but note, that you will need to log in). For the first time, we also chose to record the meetings, as well as the poster presentations.  All videos from the meeting can be found here.

The next meeting will take place in Dallas/Denton on April 26-27, 2017.  

Questions about our center, the IAB meeting, locating documents on our site, and problems logging in can be directed to Melanie Dewey.


Dr. Krishna Kavi, Director of the NCSS I/UCRC                                                                    Drs. Krishna Kavi & Andreas Spanias presenting the collaborative project



Dr. Andreas Spanias presenting ASU's Nanopore Sensors project                                     Dr. Farokh Bastani presenting UTD's Semantic Structure project



I-Ling Yen from UTD presenting                                                                                             Tom Hill from UTD presenting



UNT's PhD Student, Charles Shelor, presenting                                                                      UNT's PhD Student, Rohith Yanambaka Venkata, presenting



UNT's PhD Student, Ehsan Hesamifard, presenting                                                               Dr. Hassan Takabi presenting UNT's Exploit Detector project



UNT's PhD student, Mahzabeen Islam, presenting                                                                   UNT's PhD student, Patrick Kamongi, presenting



In line for lunch                                                                                                                             ASU's PhD Student, Henry Braun, presenting



Jazz Duo musicians from UNT, Henry Beal and Paul Lees                                                        Dr. Krishna Kavi, pictured with some of his students from UNT



Dr. Hassan Takabi (center), pictured with some of his UNT students                                  Dr. Farokh Bastani (center), pictured with I-Ling Yen and some of their UTD students



Dr. Jeff Tian, pictured with some of his SMU students.                                                           Dr. Ray Paul, Dr. Krishna Kavi, and Dr. Jeff Tian enjoying jazz music

Friday, October 28, 2016 - 08:30