November News

The Net-centric I/UCRC has a new Administrative Specialist, Melanie Dewey. She will be helping the Center Director, Dr. Krishna Kavi, and the Managing Director of the center, Mr. David Struble.  Melanie’s primary duties are marketing the center and recruiting new companies for membership.  You can reach her via email at


David Hashe, a TAMS (Texas Academy of Mathematics and Sciences) student working with Dr. Kavi in the CSRL (Computer Systems Research Laboratory) was hired as a summer intern by AMD.  He investigated how to make the gem5 computer architecture simulator more useful for simulating large computer systems and was successful at doing so.  He was able to run workloads that are important for data centers and in high-performance computing, such as MPI (Message Passing Interface, a collection of software libraries that permit executing programs on a cluster of computers), and evaluate their performance.  As a result, he has helped open up a new method for the simulation of large computer systems, which is important for research into the performance of such systems.


Mahzabeen Islam and Marko Scrbak, two PhD students from the CSRL are currently working at AMD as research associates. The work done at AMD will be directly applicable to their PhD research and AMD has permitted them to use results from their internship in their dissertations.  Another PhD student of Dr. Kavi’s, Srujan Kotikela, has been interning at Armor (formerly FireHost). Armor provides highly secure data hosting operations. Srujan has been offered employment at Armor as soon as he finishes his doctoral studies.


Dr. Kavi will be traveling to Barcelona, Spain in November to attend the International Conference on Software Engineering Advances (ICSEA-2016). He is serving on the panel, “Quo Vadis Software Engineering?”  While there, he will also present a paper: "Evaluation of a Security Service Level Agreement", co-authored with his former post-doctoral researcher, Dr. Chen-Yu Lee. Dr. Lee was at UNT until June 2015 and he is currently employed by Morgan Stanley in New York.


PhD student Charles Shelor will be traveling to Waikiki, Hawaii in early December to present a paper, "Dataflow processing-in-memory using coarse grained reconfigurable logic”, at the 3rd Workshop on Near Data Processing, which is held in conjunction with MICRO-48 conference. The paper is co-authored with Dr. Kavi and another CSE graduate student, Shashank Adavally.

Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 12:00