Underdetermined Direction-of-Arrival / Array Processing Using Virtual Array Concepts


In this project, we develop approaches and performance bounds for techniques that extend the degrees of freedom of sensor arrays to identify a greater number of targets than sensors. Previously, some progress has been made in this area. For active sensing, examples include multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar. For passive sensing, examples include building virtual arrays by using higher order cummulants. We extend these approaches by considering a general set of signal separation approaches to develop larger number of degrees of freedom, and we investigate general bounds on performance.


We shall develop a suite of virtual array techniques to demonstrate the ability to identify more targets than sensors. We shall extend current research in this area by developing a general set of performance bounds based upon estimation theory. In addition to a simple accounting of degrees of freedom, we shall investigate any effective loss in SNR caused by identify/detecting nodes in these nontraditional vector spaces. Finally, we shall exercise these approaches by using simulations. In years two and three, we shall implement and experimental demonstration using USRP software define radios.

Industrial Mentor and Sponsor: Mike Stanley, Freescale