UNT's Research Receives Exposure at ORNL

UNT CSE's research receives exposure at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The tool featured in this article utilizes Gleipnir, a plug-in that studies and analyzes data structure elements to understand the memory behavior of applications. Gleipnir was developed at the University of North Texas by Tomislav “Tommy” Janjusic and continued under OLCF funding during Janjusic’s postdoctoral appointment at ORNL. Dr. Janjusic received his Ph.D. in Summer 2013. He was a student of Professor Krishna Kavi.

A team led by OLCF's Christos Kartsaklis has built a tool to help users to extract enough parallelism from their existing programs to take advantage of additional computational power.

Monday, January 11, 2016 - 13:00