March IAB Meeting

The next Net-Centric I/UCRC Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) meeting will be held in Tempe, Arizona on March 2-3, 2016. The meeting will be held at Arizona State University in the Old Main building at 400 East Tyler Mall, Tempe, AZ, (street map or map of campus-search "Old Main").  There will be presentations by faculty and graduate students on the research that is currently supported by NCSS I/UCRC. NSF program managers will be on hand to explain the I/UCRC concept.

UNT's Research Receives Exposure at ORNL

UNT CSE's research receives exposure at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The tool featured in this article utilizes Gleipnir, a plug-in that studies and analyzes data structure elements to understand the memory behavior of applications. Gleipnir was developed at the University of North Texas by Tomislav “Tommy” Janjusic and continued under OLCF funding during Janjusic’s postdoctoral appointment at ORNL. Dr. Janjusic received his Ph.D. in Summer 2013. He was a student of Professor Krishna Kavi.