Current Projects

The Net-Centric IUCRC IAB selected the following projects. Project details and reports are available only to current members of the IUCRC.

Serial Title PI
ASU-2016-10-1 Nanopore Sensors and Signal Processing Algorithms for Health Monitoring Andreas Spanias and Trevor Thornton
UNT-2016-10-2 CLIPS: Customized Levels of IoT Privacy and Security Krishna Kavi
COL-2016-10-1 Implementation of Efficient Machine Learning Algorithms for Embedded Sensor Systems, Mobile, and Cloud IoT Applications Andreas Spanias, Krishna Kavi, Farokh Bastani, and I-Ling Yen
UTD-2016-10-1 Cyber Defensive and Offensive Software Diversification Kevin Hamlen
UTD-2016-10-3 Semantic Structure for Intra- and Inter-Vehicle Information Aggregation and Prediction Farokh Bastani and I-Ling Yen
UNT-2017-4-3 Optimization for Massive MIMO Systems Robert Akl and Robin Chataut