Net-Centric and Cloud Software and Systems

The Need for Net-Centric and Cloud Software and Systems Development

The Net-Centric I/UCRC performs research needed to restructure software and systems for networked and cloud computing environments. These applications will be available via networks, and since some of the most important applications will be from critical and emergency arenas, the development of net-centric software demands high-levels of security, dependability and real-time response. The research is driven by the needs of the industrial members of the center. The academic sites of the center bring diverse expertise in net-centric and cloud computing areas, including multicore processing systems, service oriented architecture, reliability, resource management, security, and communication systems.

Current Strengths of the Academic Sites

The faculty and students of the University of North Texas are focusing on emerging processing technologies, memory tecnologies, system level security, reliability and resource management areas of networked and cloud computing systems.   

The faculty and students at the University of Texas at Dallas site focus on service-oriented architecture, software service composition and QoS of software services when running on net-centric and cloud computing systems.

The faculty and students at the Arizona State University site focus on communication systems, including signal processing and communication protocols.

The Net-Centric IUCRC Mission

We envision this National Science Foundation (NSF) Net-Centric Industry/University Cooperative Research Center to become a leading research alliance in the United States because we can cooperate with the expertise of both the academic institutions and high-tech companies in such a way that we have much greater research capabilities than any one institution working alone.

Given the broad foundation of knowledge that the consortium is built on, we are able to undertake all aspects of software and systems research for net-centric solutions, including modeling, analysis, design, implementation, V&V, performance evaluation, testing, deployment, and further optimization of net-centric software and systems.

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