Published Papers

Authors Publish Date
Prefetching as a potentially effective technique for hybrid memory optimization M. Islam, S. Banerjee, M. Meswani and K. Kavi 2016-10-03
Predicting unknown vulnerabilities using software metrics and maturity models' Patrick Kamongi and Krishna Kavi 2016-08-22
Probabilistic analysis of contracting Ebola virus using contextual intelligence A. Gopalakrishnan and K.M. Kavi. 2016-07-25
Dataflow based near-data processing using coarse grained reconfigurable logic C. Shelor, K. Kavi and S. Adavally. 2015-12-06
Evaluation of Security Service Level Agreements Chen-Yu Lee and Krishna Kavi 2015-11-15
Memory organizations for 3D-DRAM and PCMs in processor memory hierarchy K.M. Kavi, S. Pianelli, G. Pisano, G. Regina and M. Ignatowski 2015-08-22
Processing in Memory: Exploring the Design Space M. Scrbak, M. Islam, K. Kavi, N. Jayasena and M. Ignatowski 2015-03-24
Ontology of Secure Service Level Agreement C-Y. Lee, K. Kavi, R. Paul 2015-01-08
Nemesis: Automated Architecture for Threat Modeling and Risk Assessment for Cloud Computing P. Kamongi, M. Gomathisankaran, K. Kavi 2014-12-14
Radium: Race-free On-demand Integrity Measurement Architecture Srujan Kotikela, Tawfiq Shah, Mahadevan Gomathisankaran, Gelareh Tabani 2014-12-14
Efficient Inegrity Verification of Replicated Data in Cloud Using Homomorphic Encryption Raghul Mukundan, Sanjay Kumar Madria, Mark Linderman 2014-12-01
Defect Analysis and Reliability Assessment for Transactional Web Applications W. Jaffal and J. Tian 2014-11-03
Concurrency, Synchronization, Speculation - The Dataflow Way K. Kavi, D. Pace and C. Shelor 2014-11-01
Improving Web Navigation Usability by Comparing Actual and Anticipated Usage R. Geng and J. Tian 2014-10-29
Performance Engineering Using Performance Anti-Patterns Chia-En Lin and K. M. Kavi 2014-10-16
Practical Risk-Based Technique to Improve Reliability for Incremental Web Application Development W. Jaffal and J. Tian 2014-10-14
Cost-based Evaluation and Measurement for SaaS in the Cloud M. O. Alannsary and J. Tian 2014-10-14
Security Through Software Rejuvenation ChenYu Lee, K.M. Kavi, M. Gomathisankaran, P. Kamongi 2014-10-12
In-Process Usability Problem Classification, Analysis and Improvement R. Geng, M. Chen, and J. Tian 2014-10-01
Potential Energy Savings Through Eliminating Unnecessary Writes in the Cache-Memory Hierarchy C.F. Shelor, J. Buchanan, K. Kavi and R. Cytron 2014-09-01
Silverlining: A Cloud Forecaster Using Benchmarking and Simulation L. Chung, T. Hill and N. Subramanian 2014-04-01
Quantifying Wasted Write Energy in the Memory Hierarchy C. Shelor, J. Buchanan and K. Kavi 2014-03-01
3D DRAM and PCMs in Processor Memory Hierarchy K. Kavi, S. Pianelli, G. Pisano, G. Regina and M. Ignatowski 2014-02-01
Hardware and Application Profiling Tools - A Survey T. Janjusic and K. Kavi 2014-01-01
MT-SDF: Scheduled Dataflow Architecture with Mini-Threads D. Pace, K. Kavi and C. Shelor 2013-09-09