Recent Graduates

From the standpoint of member companies, one of the outstanding benefits of participation in an I/UCRC is the opportunity to work with graduate students who are being exposed to industrial needs and practices. These students have learned to pursue their research with a view toward improving the competitiveness of U.S. industry. Graduates of I/UCRCs represent an effective and long-lasting form of knowledge transfer for their employers.

Through innovative education of these talented graduate and undergraduate students, the I/UCRC provides the next generation of scientists and engineers with a broad, industrially oriented perspective on engineering research and practice. We are proud to recognize these students.

UNT Graduates

Marko Scrbak, PhD., May 2019, AMD

Patrick Kamongi, PhD., Dec. 2018, NIST

Charles Shelor, PhD., Aug. 2018

Srujan Kotikela, Ph.D., May 2018, Qualys

Tawfiq Shaw, MS 2015, Armor (formerly FireHost)

Satyajeet Nimgaonkar, PhD, 2014, Cisco

Paul Lin, PhD 2014, McDaniel College

Tomislav Janjusic, PhD, 2013, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Jayantha Kumara Muthukudage, PhD 2013, Conversion Health

Ruwan Nawarathna, PhD, 2013, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Jared Sherman, MS, 2012, Raytheon

Brandon Potter, BS 2012, AMD

Ademola Fawibe, MS 2011, PepsiCo

Stojan Bacev, BS 2010, Raytheon

Richard Gilbert, BS, 2010, CA Technolgoies

Izuchukwu Nwachukwu, MS 2008, Texas Instruments